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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Puzzle - Where it starts to come back together

     Hopefully this is where the fun begins. In theory this is the be the best part of the restoration process but alas it's another frustrating process. Most of the frustration is my indecision in what I parts I would choose and ideas regarding customization. I need to be grounded and focused if I am to see this through and only time will tell if I am to achieve this. As soon as the car was in the garage it immediately was posted up in jack stands and hopefully a few months later it would be sitting on it's own rubber as it had from the factory 43 years earlier. First we started with Dynamat:

     Once we got the floor worked out and covered with Dynamat Extreme I worked with the rest of the car. From the firewall all the way to the tail lights, the roof, doors and quarter panels Dynamat is there. I wanted a quiet vibration free interior and this was the only way to go. We got carpet fitted into position but once the car is complete it will need to be worked on because of my roll cage placement. I need a professional to work some of the windlace around the rings of the roll cage mounts. Seats went in immediately following and we had a significant hook up on the seats (free) Recaro Style XL's. They are very very nice and quite comfortable but I think waaaay over priced. If you try to get these the cheapest I found was $2100 a seat which is ridiculous. At that price I'd rather find some Ferrari 355 or 360 seats and set them up for the car by re-upholstering (If I were doing another car that would be my plan). I already had the rear seats upholstered so I matched the fronts as best I could and only in direct sunlight and with a discerning eye can you tell the difference. I wanted to still advertise that I was using RECARO seats but I didn't want to blast it out so I stitched that up in black cloth on the black leather. Also to keep with the "old school" look and to match my back seats they have the 1" pleating and I think they ended up looking really good.

     Now that part of the interior was in we worked on suspension and brakes. I ordered from Summit Wilwood's 12.19" 4-Piston Caliper Big Brake Kit. The funny thing is when I ordered the brakes I wanted black calipers with silver rotors but they ended up sending both in black which I was pleasantly surprised with and if I knew if they were available would have opted for that:

     Now installed with POR 15 rolled fenders as well as the Rod 'N Custom Mustang II front suspension

    Time for the Rear Suspension. I ordered a Currie 9" Rear End w/ 3.50 gears with Trac Lock and TCP's G-Bar 4 Link. We had the axle housing's frame supports welded rather than bolted on for added support and had the whole setup powder coated. TCP already powder coats their suspension pieces so I was not too worried about that. 

     I primed and sprayed the pumpkin before installation and figured grey is fitting

    Next time on the blog Pegasus gets her heart but a final photo of what I'm working with


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