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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Starting with POWERRRRRRRR!

     A 289 will not do! A 302 will not do! For me a 347 stroker still will not do! I needed something a bit wild and out of the ordinary. As part of my parts bin came a fairly mild NOS 351 Windsor out of a 97 Bronco. Some of you might say, "A Truck Engine?" YES they are very interchangeable with parts and the best motors if you are planning on going with a high horsepower fuel injected motor. Already thinking there is no replacement for displacement I wanted a 408 stroker with forced induction, but how? What would be the wildest way I could go with this car. Robert and I toyed with the ideas of twin turbos but I didn't want to go through the headache of all the plumbing and I wanted to go with a supercharged setup and a T56 6-Speed.  
After careful deliberation and a meeting with with Dustin at Classic Performance & Restoration a.k.a. CPR Street Machines I went back to my twin turbo idea.
    Working with a mock up block the twin turbo setup and all the plumbing that goes along with it and 4 months of me impatiently waiting the setup was complete and shown as follows:

      With 800 rear wheel horsepower the subframe connectors alone will not due. The addition of my 8 point roll cage with removable cross bar so that access to the rear seat is possible was added. Also had the door supports bent so that there would be easier access to the cabin.

     Now that the chassis can handle the power it was now time to get the motor finished. After tearing the engine apart we realized that we had cast pistons and well to be honest a relatively stock 351 Windsor. Needless to say I was not happy at all. Seeing more dollar signs the Eleanor cost problem finally hit me. I was not going to make my budget for a $50,000 car being I was $12,000 short with no car even relatively closely to put together. Just down the road from Dustin's shop I met Greg Grossett at Total Performance in Santee California. $9200 Later I had a fully build pretty much kick ass 408 stroker with all the trimmings setup for the twin turbo setup. Another order from Greg was a Big Stuff 3 EFI system with 2 step launch control. Being over the top that sounded mighty fine to me and since I wasn't going to make budget I might as well go bat shit crazy with the car. 

Now my power situation was well handled next was my extreme displeasure with paint.


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